Эндзі Марэй можа сысці з тэніса гэтым летам з трыма патэнцыйнымі развітальнымі падзеямі | Тэніс | Спорт

Эндзі Марэй можа сысці з тэніса гэтым летам з трыма патэнцыйнымі развітальнымі падзеямі | Тэніс | Спорт

Эндзі Мюрэй admitted the end of his career is nigh after a horrible “flat” defeat at the Адкрыты чэмпіянат Аўстраліі – and he could quit this summer. The Scot, who turns 37 in May, lost in straight sets to world No.32 Tomas Martin Etchevery.

Murray said before the start of the season that this could be his last if he is again dogged by injuries. But after this humbling defeat, he could stop sooner with Wimbledon, the Paris Olympics or the US Open – the scene of his first Grand Slam victory in 2012 – the choices for his farewell.

«У мяне ёсць уяўленне аб тым, што я хацеў бы скончыць гуляць», — сказаў ён. «Так, шмат у чым залежыць ад таго, як вы гуляеце.

«Часавыя рамкі для гэтага звужаюцца, калі вы гуляеце і маеце такія вынікі, як сёння. Слухай, я ведаю, што Томас сапраўды, вельмі добры гулец. Я ў курсе гэтага. Нават калі я добра згуляю сёння, я ўсё роўна магу прайграць матч. Проста характар ​​спектакля прымушае сумнявацца.

“I haven’t gained in belief from today’s match that at some stage I’m going to start playing really well again or winning tournaments or getting to the latter stages of major events.”

The world No.44 has now lost four matches in a row dating back to October and seven of his last eight – the worst run of his career.

Asked if he will consult his family and coaching team before making a decision, the three-time Grand Slam champion added: “I’ve spoken to them about it. It’s not like it hasn’t been something that’s been on my mind.

“I haven’t made any definite decisions on that. It’s obviously something that I need to think about and see exactly when that is. »

Мюрэй дабіваўся найбольш стабільнага поспеху ў Мельбурн Парку і прайграў тут свой фінал Новаку Джокавічу (чатыры разы) і Роджэру Федэрэру (2010).

“It’s a definite possibility that will be the last time I play here,” he said. “ I don’t know. Whilst you’re playing the match, you’re obviously trying to control your emotions, focus on the points and everything. When you’re one point away from the end, you’re like: ‘I can’t believe this is over so quickly, and like this’. I wish I had involved the crowd more. Just disappointed with the way I played and all of that stuff. Tough, tough way to finish.”

Eurosport analyst Tim Henman said: « I think it was a painful watch, and he looked lost on and off the court. To hear him in the press conference so down and with very little explanation, it’s difficult when you’re 36 and you’ve achieved what he has, you want to see him enjoying himself on court and reaping the rewards of all the hard work he puts in on the practice court and in the gym and on the track. He needs to go away, analyse it with his team and his family and decide where he wants to go next. »

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