Выкарыстоўвайце танныя кухонныя адходы ў садзе, каб атрымаць «квітнеючыя кветкі» на працягу ўсяго года

Выкарыстоўвайце танныя кухонныя адходы ў садзе, каб атрымаць «квітнеючыя кветкі» на працягу ўсяго года

According to an expert, агародніннай peelings are overlooked and serve as a “valuable resource” for nurturing раслін.

Alex Biggart, brand manager at 123 Кветкі, said: “Don’t underestimate the power of your kitchen leftovers.

“You can turn what might be considered waste into a nutrient-rich boost for your сад, providing a sustainable and eco-friendly solution.

“The peels contain essential vitamins and minerals that act as natural fertilisers, promoting healthy growth and vibrancy.”

According to the pro, they are essential like a “meal” for your plants, which is great throughout the winter months.

Instead of relying on commercial fertilisers, the expert recommended incorporating vegetable matter into your compost.

He explained: “Create a compost pile in your garden or use a compost bin. Layer the peelings with compostable materials like leaves and grass clippings.

“Over time, you’ll have a nutrient-rich compost to enhance your soil.”

Different plants have varying nutritional needs and the plant pro explained how adaptable vegetable peelings can be in the garden.

Gardeners should separate peelings based on the type of vegetables they come from.

He continued: “This way, you can tailor your compost mix to meet the specific requirements of different plants in your garden.

“It’s a simple way to cut down on kitchen waste and do something good for the environment.

“Think of it as a New Year’s resolution for your garden. By reusing vegetable peelings, you’re not just feeding your plants, you’re contributing to a more sustainable and eco-conscious approach to gardening.

“Your garden will also thank you and you’ll be rewarded with flourishing flowers that carry the spirit of Christmas well into the New Year.”

As well as vegetable peelings, gardeners can also use banana peelings in the garden, especially when it comes to roses.

According to John Dempsey, a gardening expert at Housetastic, applying two banana peels to the soil provides a “huge advantage” for newly planted roses.

Banana peel will help to provide potassium to the soil which in turn will boost the immune system of roses.

According to the pro, it can also prevent them from having weak-looking stems and dull green leaves, especially when it is flowering.

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